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Night Guard Therapy Vernon & Coventry

A majority of people who grind their teeth are actually never aware that they are doing it. Stress, lack of sleep, and life circumstances all affect chronic grinding habits whether a person is awake or asleep. The long term consequence is often pain in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), over-development of the chewing muscles, and irreversible tooth wear. For these patients, night guard therapy may be the ideal solution. Our practice, serving Vernon and Coventry, uses night guards that are custom made to fit precisely over your teeth while you sleep to prevent grinding, clenching, or tooth wear. Drs. Bush, Tandy, Korus and Whidden have been utilizing bite appliances to treat patients with remarkable success and have helped them to greatly reduce or eliminate the symptoms of TMJ pain. The process of fabricating and fitting the appliance can be achieved in a single visit.

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If you think that you may be clenching and grinding your teeth, or you wake up with sore muscles and jaw joints, please contact the offices of Drs. Bush, Tandy, Korus, and Whidden about night guard therapy. Our Vernon and Coventry doctors will work with you to find the cause of your pain and will be dedicated to correcting the cause of your discomfort.