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Over the years, the use of dental implants has helped our patients solve an array of dental problems from broken, missing and decayed teeth, to lack of support for their existing dentures. The dentists at Drs. Hadden and Whidden, LLC, restore dental implants for their Vernon and Coventry patients who need a better-supported, more naturally functioning smile. Some people are only missing a single tooth due to genetics or an unfortunate accident. Others, such as denture wearers, are forced to wear appliances that are so loose and painful that they can't even eat effectively or go out in public without fear of embarrassment or loss of function. For these people, implants can be life changing. Dentures supported by implants are so stable, that chewing, speaking, and smiling can be done as well as with natural teeth. If you are interested in dental implants, contact our practice today.

Dental implants are long-term solutions for missing teeth that feel natural and are easy to care for. An implant is an artificial root that is placed into your jaw to provide the foundation and anchorage for permanent crowns, bridges, and dentures. Since the implant is made of surgical-grade metals, it cannot decay or break like natural teeth. The teeth that are placed on the implants precisely match your natural adjacent teeth and since they are anchored directly to the jawbone, you will regain the function, feel, and appearance of the missing tooth or teeth.

How it is done:

  • The implant is placed surgically into the jawbone and becomes firm and stable over time as it fuses to the surrounding bone (this process takes several months)
  • Once healed, the implant is uncovered and an impression is made to fabricate the crown that fits on the top of the implant.
  • The dental crown or bridge is made and is inserted and cemented onto the top of the implant


  • Esthetic - Implants and implant restorations feel and look like your natural teeth. Because they are integrated into the surrounding bone, they prevent bone loss and gum recession that often accompany bridgework or dentures. With a fixed bridge or removable partial denture, the bone surrounding the teeth may begin to resorb or deteriorate, leaving an unsightly visible defect, or lead to a collapsed, unattractive smile; dental implants prevent this.
  • Tooth Preservation - Implants do not sacrifice the health or the quality of your adjacent teeth like a bridge can because the adjacent teeth are not needed for support. This is a significant long-term benefit to your dental health. The cement that holds the bridge in place can wash out over time, allowing bacteria to decay the teeth that anchor the bridge.
  • Reliability - The success of a properly placed dental implant is over 98% and is highly predictable. Today, they are the gold standard for replacement of missing teeth.
  • Confidence - Implants will allow denture wearers to speak and eat with ease. They offer freedom from the clicks and wobbles of dentures and allow you to say goodbye to those messy pastes and glues that denture-wearers despise. Long-term, implant-supported dentures help keep the dentures stable and the remaining bone healthy and intact. The loss of bone that accompanies long-term denture wearing can lead to the recession of the jawbone, a collapsed, unattractive smile, and very poor-fitting teeth that no one wants to wear.

Caring for your implants:

Just as natural teeth require routine brushing, flossing, meticulous home care, and routine professional dental care, implants will require the same. Keeping your implant clean and plaque-free is critical to the long-term success of this type of treatment. The doctors at our dental offices in Vernon and Coventry, CT, will work with you to develop the best care plan for your dental implants and monitor your healing progress and the surrounding gums and bone.

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