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Cosmetic Dentistry

Is looking in the mirror a daily reminder that your smile could be better than it is? But are you stumped at choosing the right solution? 

The skilled cosmetic dentists at Drs. Hadden and Whidden, LLC, are happy to share their expertise so you can make the right choice.

Start planning your beautiful smile by requesting a free cosmetic dentistry consultation at our Vernon or Coventry, CT, location.

A Second Chance for a Beautiful Smile What Sets Us Apart in Cosmetic Dentistry

Smiling doesn't just make you more engaging. It actually makes you feel happier as well. If you're looking to reinvent your smile, you'll want to turn to a specialist in cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Eric Whidden and Dr. Alison Hadden at our dental offices in Vernon and Coventry, CT, have trained with nationally and internationally renowned cosmetic specialists at elite cosmetic dentistry centers and completed hundreds of hours of study in dental esthetics.

Free Consultations

Are you just starting your search and unsure what cosmetic dentistry procedures you need to transform your smile? Or have you been researching your options for a long time and now you are overwhelmed by all the dental choices? We offer free consultations so you can cut through the clutter. Instead of generic answers, we can examine your mouth and recommend the right procedures for you and your concerns.

Advanced Training

Since cosmetic dentistry is not a recognized specialty, any dentist can call themselves a cosmetic dentist. But Dr. Whidden has sought out the advanced dental training that gives him the artistic and structural insight into how to turn a so-so smile into a masterpiece. Numbering among the elite dentistry programs he has attended is the Kois Center that attracts dentists from all over the world to learn the latest advances in esthetic, implant, and restorative dentistry. He is now a mentor and teacher at this renowned dental facility.

30 Years of Experience

We have 30 years of one-on-one experience providing patients state-of-the-art dental care and scientifically-based dentistry. Patients return again and again because we stop and take the time to listen to their concerns and provide the information they need to make the choice that is right for them. Whether you need a simple teeth whitening or a multi-procedure smile makeover, we will always strive to exceed your expectations. With our wide repertoire of cosmetic dentistry services, we can confidently recommend the care that fits your needs. 

View John's Before and After Transformation

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John's After image

Can I Afford Cosmetic Dentistry? Call for a Free Consultation

It's true, cosmetic dentistry can be pricey. But not all the time. The cost of your treatment will depend on which procedures and how many procedures you need. As an example, veneers cost more than dental bonding or whitening.

To get an accurate quote, request a free consultation at our practice. We have offices in Vernon and Coventry, CT, and would be happy to assess your mouth and sit down to listen to your goals.

We can then give you a quote so you have a starting point. We can also determine if any of your cosmetic procedures, like a dental crown, is classified as restorative. While insurance typically does not cover cosmetic procedures, a portion may be covered if it is necessary for your oral health.

We also make cosmetic dentistry more affordable with flexible financing through CareCredit®. This third-party medical financing company allows you to split payments into more affordable monthly amounts.

Request an appointment today to learn what modern dentistry has to offer.

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Dr. Eric Whidden
Dr. Eric Whidden

A 5-Star Review

"The Doctors provide the highest level of care in dentistry that I have ever received...As digital x-rays and images were taken of my teeth, I was shown exactly what was wrong and offered options for repair. The entire process was open, honest and transparent. At all steps I was treated with great care and respect as a patient. I never felt rushed and my concerns and questions have been answered honestly." Adrian from Glastonbury, CT

Our Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures


Do your teeth lack symmetry? Or are you dealing with multiple problems, such as chipping, stains, or irregularly shaped teeth? Our Connecticut offices use natural-looking, high-quality porcelain veneers to quickly mask multiple problems in one treatment. Veneers are thin, but durable, porcelain shells that are placed on the front of teeth, effectively masking flaws that detract from your smile.



Crooked teeth don't have to mar your smile. And neither do braces. With clear, discreet aligners from Invisalign®, you get the smile you've dreamed about without the second glances and hassles that go along with metal braces. And, since aligner trays are removable, you can enjoy the foods you love whenever you want. 


Teeth Whitening

Have coffee, red wine, or smoking discolored your teeth? Our dentists can tailor teeth whitening to your needs and give you a whiter, brighter, and more youthful smile. Instead of mastering how to smile without showing your teeth, you'll be the one with the confident, engaging smile that is happy to share it.

Teeth Whitening

Dental Bonding & Metal-Free Fillings

When you need a fast and affordable solution, dental bonding may be the solution. The dentists at Drs. Hadden and Whidden can artfully sculpt bonding material to change the shape, color, size, and appearance of your teeth. It's also a great option if you are hesitant about the price or upkeep of porcelain veneers and, unlike veneers, is reversible. We can also replace metal fillings with tooth-colored options that look more natural.

Dental Bonding & Fillings

Dental Crowns & Bridges

While dental crowns are frequently thought of as a way to repair a damaged tooth, in the hands of a skilled cosmetic dentist, crowns can also be used to transform a smile. If you have a tooth that is misshapen and detracting from your smile, our dentists have the skills and advanced technology to design a crown that beautifully mimics a natural tooth. Have several damaged teeth? You will be amazed at how we can create a new smile with dental crowns. And, if you are missing teeth, we can fill the gap with traditional dental bridges.

Dental Crowns

Dental Implants

If you are missing teeth, either one or several, dental implants can be used to support restorations and fill the gaps. Dental implants have both restorative and cosmetic value for patients. With implant-supported restorations, a dental implant is placed in the jaw, where it fuses with the bone and functions as a tooth root. After this oral surgery, our dentists will then attach a lifelike crown, bridge, or denture, restoring your bite while giving you a smile you won't want to hide. 

Dental Implants

Are You Suffering from Multiple Dental Issues?

Ask About Our Smile Makeovers

No smile is beyond help. If you have multiple oral problems that have left you unsure where to start, you should consider a smile makeover. With a smile makeover, we'll create a personalized and comprehensive treatment plan so that all your cosmetic procedures are done efficiently and in the right order. And at the end of treatment, your smile will be transformed.

Having a plan also allows you to get care at the pace you like and keeps you on track. Combining multiple procedures, such as Invisalign, teeth whitening, and more can dramatically enhance your smile.

Start today by making an appointment. Or, if you have questions, leave us a message and we'll get back to you.

"My family has been coming to this office for several years now and they are the best! Every staff member is always professional, helpful, and friendly. Their work is excellent; if you want a dentist you can trust to do the job right this is the place to come! Recently, I was in pain and they were able to fit me in. They did such a great job I was back to work a few hours later! Highly recommended." Kelley S
Dr. Whidden

Drs. Hadden and Whidden, LLC

Drs. Hadden and Whidden, LLC, has been helping patients achieve healthy, stunning smiles for over 30 years. Our dentists have trained at The Kois Center and are members of prestigious dentistry organizations including:

  • American Dental Association
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Connecticut State Dental Association

If you are ready to restore your smile and achieve peak dental wellness, call us at (860) 875-2881 or request your appointment online.

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