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Root Canal

Tooth pain and sensitivity can be signs of an infection that may spread if left untreated.

Root canal treatment comfortably addresses this issue by removing the pulp and preserving the tooth structure.

Offering complimentary consultations, Drs. Hadden and Whidden, LLC, in Coventry and Vernon, CT, can help restore your oral health.

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What Is a Root Canal and When Is It Needed?

A root canal is a treatment that removes infected pulp and decay from inside the tooth structure. Once the infection is removed, the tooth is filled and a dental crown is placed on the tooth to give it added strength and support. 

An infection can occur when bacteria enter the tooth, often through cracks, cavities, or other damage to the tooth structure. Cavities and cracks make it easy for bacteria to reach the root canals but difficult to remove without a dentist's help.

Once the pulp becomes infected, oral antibiotics are often not enough to eliminate the infection and a root canal will be needed to remove the pulp and restore your oral health.

Root Canals Are Not Painful!

It is a common misconception that root canals are painful. With modern treatment, root canals are virtually pain-free.

Our dentists will thoroughly numb the area before your root canal treatment begins. Most patients only need a local anesthetic. However, we understand that some patients have dental anxiety, phobia, or simply need an extra level of comfort care. Our practice offers sedation options at our dental offices in Vernon and Coventry, CT, to ensure you are completely relaxed and comfortable during your root canal treatment. These options include nitrous oxide, oral sedation, and IV sedation.

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Our mission at Drs. Hadden and Whidden, LLC, is to provide a welcoming and comfortable environment where patients feel supported in reaching their dental goals. The team at our Vernon and Coventry locations offer complimentary consultations and convenient appointments in the morning and during lunch, so you can get the dental care you need with your busy schedule.

If you are experiencing signs of an infection, it is very important that you visit our dental practice as soon as possible to prevent further oral health complications. Our dentists, Dr. Eric Whidden, Dr. Alison Hadden, and Dr. David Wiegard, have over 30 years of experience providing high-quality dental care to help you achieve a beautiful and healthy smile. Request a consultation by contacting us online or calling us at:

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Ned Magnan


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I have the utmost confidence and respect for everyone in the practice. I know they have my best interests at heart and are there whenever I need them. Thank you all.

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Dr Hadden and team (from front desk to back room help) truly cares for you and the long-term health of your teeth. Jonathan was extremely thorough in his hygienist work and he, like others (Norma comes to mind) always been excellent, professional and personable. I highly recommend this office for your dental care.

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Root Canal Treatment Costs


The cost of root canal treatment ranges from $1,200 to $1,700. This depends on the number of teeth that are affected as well as several other factors. If you have dental insurance, most plans and providers will cover some or even all the costs involved with your root canal. We accept most insurances to help reduce or eliminate your out-of-pocket costs. 

For those without insurance or for costs not covered by your dental insurance, we accept CareCredit® which can allow you to finance your root canal treatment in affordable monthly payments.

Root Canal Treatment

"A root canal can alleviate your dental pain, restore your oral health, and preserve the tooth structure."
"A root canal can alleviate your dental pain, restore your oral health, and preserve the tooth structure."


During your initial consultation at our Vernon or Coventry office, your dentist will examine your mouth to determine if a root canal is the right treatment for you. 

Local Anesthesia

Before your root canal treatment begins, your dentist will numb the area using a local anesthetic so that you do not feel any pain. We also offer sedation options to ensure you are completely comfortable during your procedure.

Root Canal

Once you are properly numbed, your dentist will begin your root canal procedure by carefully opening the tooth. This will allow them to reach the pulp. Your dentist will then remove the pulp, which is made of nerves, blood vessels, and other tissue. Once the inside of your tooth is thoroughly cleaned, your dentist will fill the tooth to seal the root canals. A temporary filling is used to seal the tooth while your dental crown is crafted. 

Dental Crown

Once your dental crown is ready, you will have another appointment at our office to have it placed. This dental crown replaces the temporary filling and provides strength and support to the tooth structure. Once the crown is bonded in place, your treatment is complete.

Have more questions about root canals? Send us a message!

Take a Closer Look at a Root Canal

Your dentist will remove the decay and pulp from the tooth or teeth by opening the tooth and the pulp chamber. Once the pulp is removed, your dentist will clean the root canals and fill the space. A dental crown is placed to protect the tooth. 

Root Canal Questions and Answers

Why not pull an infected tooth?

A root canal allows your dentist to preserve the tooth structure. This is important, as keeping a tooth helps prevent jawbone deterioration and shifting teeth. Your dentist will only perform an extraction if the tooth cannot be saved.

Shouldn't I see an endodontist for a root canal?

Our dentists are trained and skilled in a wide range of dental treatments, including root canals. While an endodontist specializes in tooth pain and root canals, you may still need to visit a dentist after for a crown. At our practice, you can have your procedure performed and your crown placed at one office. Our team can also provide you with other general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry treatments to help you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile.

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I was a new patient with some discomfort in my mouth, and these guys got me in right away. The dentist was knowledgeable, efficient, and very reassuring. Highly recommend.

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Enjoy my experience in the person is gentle when cleaning also ask many questions and explains with clarity advising the best care of my teeth. I will recommend this office to family and friends.

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