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Dental crowns have an excellent history of fixing dental issues and repairing teeth that have become cracked or badly decayed. They help to block further damage from occurring and preserve the functionality of the tooth or teeth while preventing the need for extraction. The use of dental crowns has allowed our Vernon and Coventry dentists to reinforce teeth that have been severely compromised so they can conceal cosmetic damage including discoloration, decay, and chipping. Until quite recently, crowns used a metal-based framework that is glued to an esthetic porcelain outer coating so that the crown could have increased strength and withstand the pressures involved with daily chewing of food. Today, with advancing technology, most of the metal framework is not required and has advanced to the point where pure porcelain is strong enough even for use on hard-working molar teeth. The result is a crown or bridge that is undetectable and can be custom fit, shaded, and milled to match your natural teeth beautifully. At the office of Drs. Bush, Tandy, Korus and Whidden, we specialize in the newest technologies, using all dental crowns that are almost identical in color to the existing colors of the patient's teeth. It is nearly impossible for others to discern a crowned tooth from a real one.

When you first arrive at our Vernon or Coventry office to receive dental crowns, the doctors will numb the area being treated. The tooth will be shaped, contoured, and reduced in size in order to accommodate the crown. However, if the crown is being placed over a tooth with significant decay or that is badly broken, the doctors may add bulk to the tooth using a filling material such as core material or composite resin. In either case, the tooth will be prepared to ensure a proper, secure fit of the dental crown and an impression of the preparation will be made to send to the lab. At the end of your first visit, you will leave with a temporary crown which will hold the space, protect the prepared tooth, and eliminate any sensitivity you may have. On your return visit, the final crown will be placed to check esthetics, the fit over the tooth, and the accuracy of the bite. After each check is complete, the crown will then be adjusted to fit securely and bonded into place using a special cement.


Missing teeth can leave unsightly spaces in your smile. If a dental implant is not a good option for you, the use of a dental bridge may be an excellent choice. A porcelain bridge is a tooth colored restorative option that is made of two crowns that are placed on either side of the gap, connected to an artificial tooth called a pontic. Bridges are an excellent option to fill the space from a missing tooth on patients who decide that an implant is not the best option for them or cannot have an implant placed due to lack of bone or health concerns. Bridges prevent the remaining teeth from drifting out of position, distribute biting forces equally, and allow patients to maintain the shape of their face. The porcelain is precisely matched and shaded to blend with the adjacent teeth beautifully. The result is a natural and durable restoration that allows patients to eat, speak and smile with confidence.

With proper care, well-made and well-fitting crowns and bridges can last for 10-15 years. Since the stability and longevity of dental bridges depends upon the health of the surrounding teeth, maintaining a thorough oral hygiene regimen is critical. We would be happy to share our experience with you. If you have been frustrated with that grey line along your gums, have a missing tooth, or would like to fix your smile to a more natural appearance with dental crowns, call our Vernon and Coventry office today for a complimentary consultation. We look forward to working with you.